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          The day the koyas present their awards
          Release time:2019-08-27 16:07:13      Hit count:378

          August 27, 2019 is the most common day, but it is also an extraordinary day for us to remember forever, because today is the award day of keya, the awards are: working children admitted to fengxian high school/university gold list nomination award, skills competition award, and project partner sharing award.

          Gold list nomination:




          Ii. Skills competition award:

          In the third quarter, we organized the quality department and after-sales disassembly department to hold a skill competition, which changed from simply completing production tasks to energy saving, consumption reduction, technical innovation and improving the comprehensive quality of employees, from hard work to smart work, and from advanced management means to advanced productivity.


          Iii. Project partner profit award:

          Innovative ideas, forge ahead, beyond their own, a new wisdom to refresh the results, in the fierce market competition to enjoy the display of talent and ability, and ke ya common progress and development!




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